Legacy Videos

Legacy videos can often be overlooked or outdated.  Here at Lantana we believe capturing a person's life story is one of the most powerful tools of commemoration.  With technology evolving at such a rapid rate, filming high quality and well lit interviews can be done with ease.  Our team comes from a background in Documentary filmmaking, and believes everyone has a story to tell.  Whether it's how they met their true love, war stories from the battlefield, how they started their company, or simply life advice they'd like to share with future generations. No matter what topics are covered, the video captured is guaranteed to trigger a flood of memories and nostalgia to loved ones viewing the film. 


Funeral Videos

Funerals, although a sad and upsetting time, can be a great remembrance of loved ones who have passed.  A mountain of effort goes into the day to ensure that family members and friends have one last chance to say goodbye. Many people find funeral films invaluable as the day can be such a blur.

 It allows adequate time to pass, to be able to really listen to the stories, passages and eulogies from the service, as well as see all of the friends and family that come together to celebrate their life.

Memorial Videos

Lantana Legacy Videos give people the chance to tell their life story.  Whether the final product is a two hour interview, or a 4 minute memorial tribute, we believe in the value of legacy and high quality storytelling. Our staff is highly equipped in documentary filmmaking, giving us a professional finish to what is already a timeless product.

The Process